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Welcome to my page!

Dog on L Pillow

My dad started making custom pillows and was kind enough to let me have my own page. Personally, I think I'm cute enough to have my own website. But my human is still upset about the last time I chewed up his flip flops, so I guess I will make this work for now.

Why custom pillows?

Do you ever toss and turn all night? Maybe you wake up feeling like you got hit by a truck? Or do you feel like you aren't getting enough quality sleep?

The problem could be your pillow! Pillows are meant to support and align your head and body. If you are using a generic pillow, chances are that you are missing out on a better sleep experience and you could even be causing yourself pain or discomfort.

L Pillows are custom made just for you. Each pillow is handcrafted to meet your unique sleeping needs and preferences. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We know you will notice a difference in your sleep. 

Take 10% off the site with my code BORIS10.

Thanks for checking out my dad's site and learning about the benefits of a custom pillow. Please look around and contact me or my dad if you have any questions!

Goodnight, Friends :)